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ThingkFest 1.0 was held on June 22, 2020

ThingkFest 1.0 Short-Talks and Speakers

Integrated IoT Solution for Smart Construction Jobsites
Aali Alizaedh, Co-Founder. President and CTO, Giatec

Human Factors Considerations for IoT Implementation in Safety Critical Systems
Adam Freed, President, FactorSafe Solutions

IoT Businesses Supporting Future Growth in Alberta
Brenda Beckedorf, Executive Director, Alberta, IoT

The Future of IoT is About Machines
Christopher Chong, President & CEO, SST Wireless

IoT & Equipment Management in Agriculture
Cole Powers, Co-Founder, IntelliCulture

Liability & Risk Management Considerations for IoT Solutions
Edona Vila, Lawyer, Borden Ladner Gervais LLP

Data Analytics and Smart Buildings
Jeff Larocque, Sales Director, ILLUMENAI

Canadian IoT Network and Connectivity
Joel Dart, Senior Manager – Business Development, IoT Solutions, Indirect Channels & VARs, Bell

The IoT Imperative
Leo Lax, Executive Managing Director, L-SPARK

Connecting the IoT systems of the Future
Lynne Canavan, Director of Ecosystems, RTI

Innovating Internet of Things with Design Thinking
Nilufer Erdebil, CEO, Spring2 Innovation

How to accelerate adoption of IoT in Canada
Rene Breyel, President, AIoT Canada

IoT in the 5G era
Samer Geissah, Director, Technology Strategy, TELUS

Intelligent Verification and Adaptation of Critical IoT Systems
Shiva Nejati, Associate Professor, University of Ottawa

SensorUp – Movement Intelligence for Automating Complex Physical Operations
Dr. Steve Liang, Founder & CTO, SensorUp

Smart Parking for Cities – It Starts with the Stall
Mark Hall, Marketing & Business Development Leader, Eleven-X

Emcee and Introduction to ThingkFest, Thingk3D and IoT North
Walter Knitl, CEO, Praxiem

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