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ThingkFest is an IoT North online event allowing participants to share their involvement in IoT and hear what others in Canada are doing, innovating, and thinking in the IoT space. It’s a showcase of Fast-Fire Four-Minute Short-Talks on different topics from across the full Thingk3D IoT Space across Canada.

Short-talks are selected from talk proposals submitted by Canadian companies, organizations, and individuals.  Everyone is welcome to attend to hear the talks and participate in the discussion and Q&A.

Topics range IoT innovations, products and services, solutions in different verticals, different domains and disciplines that enable or are affected by IoT, and socioeconomic and digital governance interplay with IoT.

Short-Talk proposal deadline for ThingkFest 4.0 has expired. But – you can submit your Short-Talk proposal for a future ThingkFest.


Date: September 21, 2021

Time: 6:00 pm ET

Venue: Online via Zoom.

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Short-Talks and Speakers

Canada IoT Connectivity

Joel Dart, Senior Manager – Global IoT Business Development, Bell

What strategies are the leading retailers using to harness the power of AI Video Analytics?

Riccardo Badalone, CEO at C2RO

Challenges in Building an IoT Ecosystem

Jason Lee, CEO at SmartCone Technologies Inc.

Get Ready for 5G – Access the 5G Testbed

Tim Warland, Manager Venture programs, Invest Ottaw

Practical industrial approach towards AI on edge devices for machine vision wisdom, and not just data richness

Remi Duquette, VP – innovation & Industrial AI at Maya HTT Ltd.

The Internet of Open Source Things

Frédéric Desbiens, Program Manager IoT and Edge Computing at Eclipse Foundation

A new generation of Edge Computing practices for AIoT

Jeremie Farret, CEO at Mind in a Box

True Smart Cities at the City of Hamilton

Emil Sylvester Ramos, Co-Founder at IRIS

Enabling scaled-up IoT data centers: “Who decides?”

James Mihaychuk, Product Management Consultant, Teradyne

Thank you to the following companies and organizations signed up to speak about their work and thoughts on IoT.

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