ThingsHappen hosts and engages Canada’s IoT providers, users, innovators, policymakers, and thinkers – to help you stay in touch with Things Happening in Canada’s Internet of Things community.

The Internet of Things is here and now with great benefits to us as individuals, businesses, economy, and society, and you too.  But – we won’t shy away from exposing IoT’s pitfalls and we’ll explore how to fill in the pit and soften the fall.

We cover all dimensions of the IoT space including

  • Architecture – the IoT structure and its bits and pieces,
  • Verticals – the solutions and where the value of IoT lies, and
  • Domains and disciplines that enable IoT.

So –  tune in to Inspire Your IoT Mindset.

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Current Episode

Episode 12: Cloud Wars – how data owners win

with Jason Lee, CEO at Smartcone

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Episode 13: SPECIAL - What does IoT mean to you?

One question posed to all guests on past episodes. Hear all of their insights on the meaning of IoT.

Current Episode

Episode 11: AIoT Canada – Growing Canada’s AIoT Ecosystem

with Michel Langelier, CEO at AIoT Canada

Episode 10: Internet of Things and the Law

Episode 9

Connected Autonomous Vehicles and IoT – oh that winter

with Barrie Kirk, CEO at CAVCOE

Episode 8

Machine Vision – what’s in it for IoT

 with Riccardo Badalone, CEO at C2Ro

Episode 7

Financial Services and IoT – trust is key

with Kashmera Self, AVP, Strategy & Emerging Solutions Delivery at Interac Corp.

Episode 6

LoRa for IoT

with Barney Barnowski, Vice President of Business Development at TEKTELIC

Episode 5

OT-IT Convergence and IoT

with Sonia Bot, Chief Executive at  The BOT Consulting Group Inc.

Episode 4

Innovating IoT through Design Thinking

Episode 3

Investing in IoT

with Udit Bhatnagar, Vice President at McRock Capital

Episode 2

Satellite Internet of Things

with Frank Rayal, Founding Partner at XONA Partners

Episode 1

Welcome to ThingsHappen – Trailer

with host Walter Knitl
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Cloud Wars – how data owners win

You’re into IoT – and that means you’ve got data.  Lots of it.  You keep collecting, analyzing, and squeezing it into storage until data hits the fan one day.  Your organization outgrows the cloud services you rely on, so you attempt to move to the next shining cloud service on the block.  But, instead of making a clean break, you end up smearing data across clouds.  Our expert shines a light on the cloud wars that got you into this mess and keep you there, and how to avoid it.  We also discuss the considerable role of edge (or fog) computing in keeping your data management grounded in reality – while leveraging the benefits of cloud services.


Our guest is Jason Lee, CEO at Smartcone. Jason is an experienced award-winning entrepreneur, innovator, and leader.  Over the past thirty years, he has worked and led projects in diverse fields, including the military, aerospace, avionics, and telecommunications.  He is a certified Business Coach with experience in business intelligence and lean manufacturing.  Smartcone’s modular IoT platform and solutions drove his intense cloud and edge computing encounters, making him an expert on their application and interplay.


Jason on LinkedIn:

Smartcone  online:



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AIoT Canada - Growing Canada’s AIoT Ecosystem

What are the most disruptive and impactful forces at play today?  IoT and AI, of course – that’s AIoT – and AIoT Canada is poised to elevate Canada’s adoption and innovation in AIoT.  We discuss Canada’s AIoT landscape and the benefits and challenges of AIoT adoption. We also delve into AIoT Canada’s role in growing Canada’s AIoT ecosystem, its formation and function, and its vision to heighten Canada’s economy and international position in the global digital economy through AIoT.


Our guest is Michel Langelier, CEO at AIoT Canada. In addition to overseeing programs, advisory committees, and operations, he is the driving force behind a bold new vision to grow Canada’s AIoT ecosystem. Michel has twenty-five years of experience directing national organizations and institutes, including the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering, ADRIQ, and CEFRIO, facilitating the development and use of digital technologies in industry and society. Michel holds an Executive MBA from Telfer at the University of Ottawa and a certificate in innovation leadership from MIT.


Michel on LinkedIn:  

AIoT Canada online:

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Episode 10: Internet of Things and the Law

You have the technology and the business plan for your IoT product – but do you know the legal risks associated with IoT, and are you prepared for your obligation to deliver safe and secure products and the potential liabilities if you don’t?  Our expert guest dives into the IoT space through a legal and regulatory lens that determines the rights and obligations of IoT stakeholders. We also discuss IoT regulations emerging from different jurisdictions and the state of IoT law in Canada.


Our guest is Edona Vila, a lawyer, and partner at Borden Ladner Gervais LLP (BLG). Edona serves clients in several industries, including Automotive and Autonomous Vehicles, Life Sciences and Health Care, Infrastructure, and Insurance. Her diverse educational background includes a science degree and a Master of Management of Innovation from the University of Toronto, as well as Juris Doctor degree from the University of Ottawa Faculty of law. Edona is an active member of the IoT community, helping to grow the AIoT ecosystem in Canada as a member of the Board of Directors at AIoT Canada


Edona on LinkedIn:

BLG online:


Episode 9: Connected Autonomous Vehicles and IoT – oh that winter

Oh that winter – a challenge to regular vehicles, and more so to automated vehicles. Connected Automated Vehicles (CAV) rapid emergence is poised to deliver significant benefits while confronted with real-world challenges. Our expert guest delves into the cold hard truth of one of the main CAV challenges and provides concrete insights into the CAV ecosystem, which is crucial to the sector’s growth, covering the major players and the role of IoT in it.  We also discuss Canadian CAV innovations and the ecosystem roles of start-ups and small and medium enterprises.


Our guest is Barrie Kirk, Executive Director at CAVCOE. Barrie is a well-known speaker, broadcaster, and consultant in the Connected Automated Vehicle (CAV) space, including the use and impacts of CAVs. His extensive experience includes senior positions at Ottawa-area companies and more than thirty years of consulting across the U.K., U.S., and Canada on the impacts of emerging technologies. Barrie is a Senior Advisor to the Thompson (Manitoba) Winter Weather Testing Campus, and also serves on advisory boards of several CAV-related organizations.  Barrie received his Electrical Engineering degree from Coventry University in the U.K.


Barrie on LinkedIn:

CAVCOE online:


Episode 8: Machine Vision – what’s in it for IoT

Who needs machine vision anyway – when we have such diversity of other sensors? Our expert guest considers the flexibility of machine vision and how it creates virtual Things that firmly belong in the IoT space. And how machine vision with AI-based analytics provides more significant human behavioural insights than purposed physical sensors could. We also discuss how behaviour is turned into actionable data for planning and operating commercial and manufacturing enterprises while retaining individual anonymity.


Our guest is Riccardo Badalone, CEO at C2RO. Ricardo has vast experience in the high-tech sector, including founding and leading two companies, the first in the semiconductor space and now C2RO providing machine vision analytics. His entrepreneurial mindset is underpinned by immersive experience in hands-on hardware development and management at a global graphics card provider and a telecommunications systems provider. He also gives his time to mentor new founders to help them become successful leaders of their companies.


Riccardo on LinkedIn:

C2RO online:


How C2RO PERCEIVE™ is different from other retail technologies

C2RO Case Study Series – PLAYBOOK for Global Rollout of Self-Checkout Technology

C2RO Case Study Series – PLAYBOOK for New Product Line Rollout

Episode 7 : Financial Services and IoT - Trust is key

What challenges do financial services and IoT have in common?  Data – lots of it.  And trust – to hold in trust what we value – our money, our privacy, and the value of data. And increasingly, that data is not just human-generated, but also by our physical surroundings through IoT. Our guest considers how trust frameworks developed for financial services could be leveraged for IoT, and we also touch on transacting the value of IoT data.


Our guest is Kashmera Self, AVP, Strategy & Emerging Solutions Delivery at Interac. Kashmera’s extensive experience in the financial services sector includes researching and sensing weak signals that go beyond financial services. In combination with her product management background, that has made her an expert at developing enterprise strategies with foresight to emerging paradigms and taking concepts from ideation to incubation to create the next thing, the potential new lines of business for Interac.



Kashmera on LinkedIn:

Interac Corp. online:


Episode 6: LoRa for IoT

Go far and wide. Go lean and smart.  That’s the beauty of LoRa – the Long-Range connectivity for IoT that connects smart devices far afield with a lean power grab, that’s just as at-home in your local office or shop floor. Our guest outlines the LoRa technology and charts its many applications, and we ponder the effect of the expanding LoRa ecosystem on the growing LoRa adoption.


Our guest is Barney Barnowski, VP Business Development at TEKTELIC. Barney’s extensive experience in wireless communication includes technical and product management roles at Telus and Nortel. Today, he champions LoRa solutions, IoT devices, and services at TEKTELIC and is a key influencer in the LoRa ecosystem. Barney’s technical and business expertise is underpinned by his Electrical Engineering degree and an MBA from the University of Calgary.



Barney on LinkedIn:

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Episode 5: OT-IT Convergence and IoT

OT-IT?  No – it’s not a typo for IoT.  Operational Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT) convergence is a vital paradigm invading industries embarking on Industry 4.0 and undergoing digital transformation. And this OT-IT Convergence envelops IoT. Our guest lays out OT-IT Convergence and its framework, outlines the transformational endeavour, and provides approaches for realizing it. Oh – and we discuss the critical role that IoT plays in it.


Our guest is Sonia Bot, chief executive of The BOT Consulting Group Inc., playing key roles in the inception and delivery of strategic businesses and transformations worldwide. She navigated through downsizing, right-sizing, de-regulations, SEC investigations, and economic downturns/scale-ups – and worked through one of the largest and high-profile global corporate bankruptcies in the world. 

Sonia delivers breakthrough results and foundations to excel using entrepreneurship, business precision, Lean Six Sigma, systems and process engineering, and organizational behavior methodologies.

Sonia’s experience ranges from Fortune 500 corporations to start-ups across many sectors, including high-tech, media, ICT, railroading, transportation, energy, medical and healthcare, aerospace and defense, and education. She holds engineering degrees from the University of Waterloo (BMath) and the University of Toronto (MASc) and is a certified Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt.  

Download transcript here.


Sonia online:  


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The BOT Consulting Group Inc. online:

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Episode 4: Innovating IoT through Design Thinking

You heard of the Internet of Things and are starting to get its profound impacts on business and public policy and the need to be involved in it. But how do you go about innovating IoT solutions and governance to grow and remain relevant as an organization and professionally – especially since IoT is such a broad space often demanding systemic solutions. That’s where Design Thinking steps in. We talk to a Design Thinking expert and a seasoned innovation facilitator about what’s happening at the intersection of the Internet of Things and Design Thinking. Why and how you can apply Design Thinking to human-centered IoT solutions and governance innovation.


Our guest is Nilufer Erdebil, CEO at Spring2 Innovation, specializing in consulting and training in Design Thinking, helping public and private sector organizations transform their processes, policies, services, and culture. Nilufer has an extensive and diverse background ranging from hands-on technology development to innovation program management at a large telco to business line management.  She is a TEDx speaker and also frequently speaking about innovation and Design Thinking. She was awarded the Ottawa Business Journal Forty Under 40 Award and received the Canadian Women in Communications and Technology Leadership Award. Nilufer holds MBA and Electrical Engineering degrees from Queens University.


Nilufer online:  


Twitter: @DigitalNil

Spring2 Innovation online:


Twitter: @spring2inno 

Instagram: spring2innovation

TEDx Ottawa talk on Design Thinking:

Workshop: Digital Literacy through Internet of Things and Design Thinking

Webinar: Internet of Things & Design Thinking: Elevating Digital in the Modern Public Service | Webinar

Episode 3: Investing in IoT

So – you have an IoT product or thinking of starting an IoT venture – eh? You must, then, also know that you need cash or investment to grow and succeed. But where do you turn, and how do you put your best foot forward to get the investment support you need. Oh, and by the way, what verticals should you be looking at more than others to make a go of it, and why does Industrial IoT seem to be at the fore. We discuss these questions and more with a seasoned investor, including some tips on seeking investment for your venture.


Our guest is Udit Bhatnagar, Vice President at McRock Capital, a Venture capital firm dedicated to investing in Industrial IoT. He assesses and invests in IIoT ventures, with multiple investments in his portfolio. Udit has extensive experience helping entrepreneurs, funding innovation, and early-stage investment at IE Business School’s Center for Entrepreneurship, the Startup Academy at the Keiretsu Forum, and more. His MBA, earned through IE Business School and Rotman, is underpinned by a technology degree in industrial engineering and several years of hands-on experience in software development and analytics.


Udit on LinkedIn:

Udit contact:

McRock Capital:

Episode 2: Satellite Internet of Things

Connectivity is one of the three pillars of IoT, and there’s plenty of choices – RFID, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, mobile networks, LoRaWAN, and the list goes on.  But what do you do when connectivity is non-existent in remote and rugged terrains or your devices are geographically dispersed. This pain has seen a rise in satellite connectivity for IoT in response, particularly Low Earth Orbit constellations. We discuss the application, technologies, growth, and business trade-offs of satellite applications to IoT.


Our guest is Frank Rayal, Founding Partner of XONA Partners, where his consulting enables companies to leverage new technologies and market trends for new revenues. Frank has extensive telecommunications industry experience, including co-founding Blinq networks and senior product management, marketing, and business development positions at Ericsson, Redline, and Metawave. He is an Electrical Engineer by training and an active senior member of IEEE.


Frank on LinkedIn:

XONA Partners:

Additional info on LEO Satellites:

Welcome to ThingsHappen Podcast Trailer

Welcome to the ThingsHappen podcast by IoT North –  Canada’s Internet of Things Conversation.

ThingsHappen hosts and engages Canada’s IoT providers, users, innovators, policymakers, and thinkers – to help you stay in touch with Things Happening in Canada’s Internet of Things community.

The Internet of Things is here and now with great benefits to us as individuals, businesses, economy, and society, and you’ll get to know how you too can benefit from it.  BUT  – we won’t shy away from exposing IoT’s pitfalls and we’ll explore how to fill in the pit and soften the fall.

We cover all dimensions of the IoT space including

  • ARCHITECTURE – the IoT structure and its bits and pieces,
  • VERTICALS – the solutions and where the value of IoT lies, and
  • DOMAINS and disciplines that enable IoT.

Tune in to the vast IoT space … there will always be something new to learn and inspire your IoT Mindset and to Thingk3D

Things Happen – don’t miss it.

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